Tech Babble for November 2022

Things have moved apace since I decided to ditch Twitter. It ignited a hunger for me to move generally away from ‘Big Corporate’ and try and put as much into my own hands as possible.

1 min read

A New Band, A New Setlist

For the last 5 or so months I’ve been in a blues rock cover band, which for various reasons - life, mostly - hasn’t been rehearsing as much as a band should if its goal is to do gigs at all.

1 min read

Building a blog with Jekyll and Github Pages

Usually when I’ve blogged in the past, I’ve used Wordpress. I’m used to it - I develop (private) Wordpress plugins for a living - and I generally like it, but - weirdly - I find Wordpress to be overkill for personal blogs now, especially ones where you just want to write; you’re not worried about SEO, or image galleries, or anything plugins will offer you.

2 min read

Starting Over (in Social Media terms)

Remember when ‘social media’ was actually ‘social networking’, and before that when sites like Twitter were ‘microblogging’ and paired with Foursquare and Flickr as some kind of holistic bundle of “shit nobody cares about you”?