by Mark
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For the last 5 or so months I’ve been in a blues rock cover band, which for various reasons - life, mostly - hasn’t been rehearsing as much as a band should if its goal is to do gigs at all.

We’ve gone through a bassist and vocalist, but now finally have a 5-piece lineup which is decent enough that we could begin eyeing up open mic slots and the like. If we just rehearsed more than once a month.

Before I met these guys, I was browsing various sites built to help people find fellow musicians, and I’d seen this particular acoustic-electric outfit that focussed on particular songs, mostly 60s/70s stuff with a world-focussed message.

I hesitated contacting them, as I hadn’t played with other people in 30-odd years at that point and wasn’t sure if I’d be good enough; judging by some posts on their social media, they were doing little local festivals and such, no way was I brave enough for that!

But, now I’ve been in this other band and know I can hold my own, and pick up songs quickly, I decided to drop them a line when I saw them advertising on Join My Band for a guitarist.

I had good phone chat with their founder, and in a couple of weeks I’ll be heading down to meet them and have a tinkle along to some songs they’re working on.

Which means I have some songs to learn, myself.

Spotify setlist of songs

I have chord sheets to follow, and knowing they already have another 1/2 guitarists, it’ll come down to being comfortable enough within the song to be able to follow it tightly, or add colour along the chord tones so it’s not just a din.

Very much looking forward to it.

And as it happens, the blues band (or, 3 of the 5 of us) have managed to sort out getting together this week after all, so my life is full of music at the moment!