by Mark
1 min read


Things have moved apace since I decided to ditch Twitter. It ignited a hunger for me to move generally away from ‘Big Corporate’ and try and put as much into my own hands as possible.

So, I of course signed up for Mastodon, but this week launched my own instance, a feat made easy by the Digital Ocean droplet template they offer in their marketplace.

I already moved from Gmail to 18 months ago, and haven’t looked back (or, at my gmail inbox) hardly at all since. It’s a breathe of fresh air email-wise (regardless of what some, including myself, may think about one of its company’s founders…)

And of course, this blog is sourced on its own, away from any company-owned blogging platform (although, as it happens, it IS hosted on Microsoft-owned Github… ahem)

This weekend I took some time to install Ubuntu alongside Windows on my desktop PC in an attempt to try and extricate myself from MS. I first tried moving to Linux back in the 90s, with a distro I can’t remember the name of; I thought it was Ubuntu but since that didn’t come out until 2004 I’m obviously misremembering.

Whether I’ll stick it out is a matter of time. I find Linux distros STILL have a weird obsession with a ‘find out for yourself’ philosophy when it comes to learning its quirks. Perhaps all OS’s have this, but I don’t notice because I’m so used to Windows and OSX now?

Anyway, onwards…!